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Great Rivers Council, BSAAdvancementTiger Elective Adventure - Family Stories

Tiger Elective Adventure - Family Stories

Complete Requirement 1 and at least three others. Note that any requirement may be completed based on family of origin or family with whom you live.

  1. Discuss with your parent/guardian, a family member, or other caring adult where some of your family members originated. Discuss family history, traditions, and culture-your family heritage. Share a story or bring something to share with your den about yourself and your family.

    • While at home take time to share your family history with your Scout. Show some pictures or items that you have in the house from your ancestors. Share the story or item via email or social media with the rest of your den/pack.

  2. Make a family crest.

  3. Visit your public library to find out information about the heritage of some of your family members.

  4. Interview one of your grandparents or another family elder, and share with your den what you learned.

    • This is perfect for the covid19 event. Call or FaceTime your Scouts grandparents and have an interview. Your older relatives are likely feeling pretty isolated so this is a great excuse to talk to them and get some cool info about their lives!

  5. Make a family tree designed for your particular family.

    • Use www.geni.com to create a free family tree online the cool thing is if you start to overlap with another family tree the system will allow you to connect to that tree 

  6. Share with your den how you got your name or what your name means.

  7. Share with your den your favorite snack or dessert that reflects the cultural heritage of one of more of your family members.

  8. Learn where some members of your family came from, and locate the place(s) on a map. Share this information with your den. With the help of your parent/guardian/other caring adult, locate and write to a pen pal there