Fall Products Sale

Support a Scout you know. Order popcorn online here anytime of the year!

Why Do Scout units sell?

  • Scouts learn life lessons by “earning their own way.”
  • Product sales revenue supports the unit program.
  • Provides funds for activities and advancement, lowers the cost of camps, district activities, and prices at the Scout shop. 
  • Increase your unit and council income – 50% stays with the local unit.
  • Scouts use the funds for various Scouting programs, fees and activities.
  • There are loads of incentives to motivate Scouts: cool prizes, Top 100 Club, free summer camp and more.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars go back to the Scouting program in the Great Rivers Council as a result of the annual Trail's End and Burger's Smokehouse sale. Nearly 73% of all dollars collected during the sale support local Scouting. Units earn a 50% commission on Trails End and Burger's Smokehouse products they sell. The product sale is a way for a Scout to support his or her way through the various activities during the year. There are four options to sell: traditional take order sales, show-and-deliver, sell online to friends and family out of town and show-and-sell. For more information, contact your district kernel or district executive.

Leaders, Go to Burgers' Smokehouse questionnaire to order and Trail's End website to order popcorn. 



Click Here to sign up your Scout to sell Trails' End online year round.

Download the Holiday Products Promotional Material

Download the Product Sale Fundraising Guide

Download the Popcorn Kernel Guidebook from Trail's End

Download the Unit to Scout TE Kickoff Presentation

Download the Burgers' Smokehouse Order Form

Download the Trail's End Order Form

Download Trail's End Rewards infographic

Download How to Sell $1000 Social Distancing

Download Ways to Sell & Online Direct Promotions

Download How to Fund Your Scouting Program Social Distancing


    Product Sales

    Key Dates 2020 

    Updated 6/23/2020


    Unit or District Kick offs (Pep Rally) for Scouts 
    Host unit kick-off and provide incentives for the Scouts

    Saturday, September 19 

    Show & Deliver and Show & Sell begins
    Continue to sell take order!

    Wednesday, September 23 Burgers' Reorder Due - Place order here

    Monday, Oct 26 through Wednesday, Oct 28

    Popcorn Returns (District Specific)

    Check with your DE for Time and Location.

    Wednesday, Oct 28 Initial order Invoice Due

    Wednesday, Oct 28

    Final Orders Due for both Trail’s End (take order) and Burger’s products
    Online at http://scouting.trails-end.com and Burger’s website

    Friday or Saturday, 
    November 13 or 14

    Final Product Pick-up and Final Invoice Due
    Appointments required with your District Kernel.

    Friday, November 20

    GRC Incentive Form Due






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    © Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reserved - Great Rivers Council, BSA, 1203 Fay Street, Columbia, MO 65201